Welcome to Island Church Tierra Verde!

Paradise is the word both visitors and residents alike use the most often to describe                                    Tierra Verde and the surrounding area.

While this area is considered paradise, maybe you've noticed the beautiful physical surroundings haven't answered all of your questions about life.

You see disease, rumors of war, crime, natural catastrophes, and a general decline in how people treat one another and you wonder why.

 Today all these things that are experienced instantaneously, in person or virtually, become wearisome and burdensome, and thus diminish the feeling of paradise.

Here at Island Church Tierra Verde we don't have all the answers as to why things are as they are, but we do know the One who does - Jesus.

Jesus is the one who promised rest to all who are weary and burdened (Matt 11:28).

Come join us as we pursue that promised rest.

Island Church Tierra Verde's vision is to be an 'oasis in paradise' where you can

Rest, Refocus, and Renew. 

Your friends, and soon to be friends, are saving a place for you, so please join us!